In your arms

Devotion flows from me in all directions.

From the Goddess through me.

To the Goddess from me, around me.

I am humbled by your sheer power.

Neverending, infinite, ever alive.

Am I alive?  You asked me once.

I could not answer then

Now I know…

It is you that enlivens me. 

You animate me from within.

Your love fills me, wakes my force.

I am nothing without your love flowing through my bones.

Weaving through my heart, paving my skin.

You are my flesh, I am of your flesh.

We are One. 

I will never stray from your arms again.

You weep with the power of a million stars.

You love with the power of a trillion hearts.

Nothing is as beautiful as you.

You are my love, Dear Goddess.

I am in your arms for all of eternity.


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