A Love Page on a Blank Space

Blank space on a blank page.

Filled with the emptiness of that which you never left.

You were never even there to leave me bereft.

An imaginary space on a blank page

Open to be filled….

Like the wisps of air, between my strands of hair.

Hair you’ve never touched.

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Stay, My Divine Goddess, Stay

Where you live is so far away in my dreams.  It seems impossible to touch, for fingers to breeze, to believe.  One night you consume all my waking thoughts, your color awakes in my mind, the next you are as ephemeral as cobwebs in the corner.  You have come and gone, sweeping across my face with your gossamer music, your impossibly beautiful essence.  I am you.  Yet I lose you, over and over again.  The grief grips its teeth into my skin, settling in my heart, waiting for the moment of your return…only to tell me you will not stay.

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