Stay, My Divine Goddess, Stay

Where you live is so far away in my dreams.  It seems impossible to touch, for fingers to breeze, to believe.  One night you consume all my waking thoughts, your color awakes in my mind, the next you are as ephemeral as cobwebs in the corner.  You have come and gone, sweeping across my face with your gossamer music, your impossibly beautiful essence.  I am you.  Yet I lose you, over and over again.  The grief grips its teeth into my skin, settling in my heart, waiting for the moment of your return…only to tell me you will not stay.

Stay, my love, stay.  Won’t you stay just this once?

I will not fail you this time.

Your light is in the night sky, filling my belly with its joy and sorrows.  I live for your joy and sorrows.  I live to bring them to you.  To experience them for you.  Just stay, I ask.  Stay just this once.  Keep me wrapped in your ebbing ocean, safe as always.  This world is mean, is cruel even at times.  NOW she welcomes your light.  I promise the welcome this time.  I promise all the promises I could never promise before.  I see your grief.  I see my grief.  I see why you could not stay before.  I take your anger and pain…hang it all on the stars, my love.  Hang it for all to see.  For it is you.  And it is beautiful too.


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