Rise, Serpent

Flowers be in your hair, my love.

Richness in your soul.

I thought I’d tiptoe round you now,

So I didn’t own you whole.


Freedom in the spirit hears you speak,

Long lost forgotten loves.

Yourself included, there, my child.

Wound up like broken doves.

Ever clear as the water runs,

Over the past so deeply dark.

Feel it flowing out somehow.

Sing, it’s only just a mark.


It’s easy if you look from upside down,

To think we could just forgive.

I’m unsure what that means for now.

Perhaps no more than just to live.


Knots in the fire prevent the burning,

So clean, so pure, and unashamed.

Untie and set them down, my love.

Salted wounds releasing any claims.


Rising serpent feeds her young,

Ever certain and unafraid.

She will never leave you in your depth,

Spinning coils she hath laid.


Just for now I see you as you are,

Nothing more and nothing less.

Brightly shining in all your wear.

Awakening, under my caress.




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