The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is pure, unbridled Creative Energy.

She is ALL at once and envelops ALL things.

Her compassion and kindness is limitless, yet she wears unbreakable boundaries.

A Mother never pities.

A Mother never lets her children fall,

For she knows they are capable of so much more.

She never sheds tears for their wounds for she knows they are the very source of their own strength.

She will bandage them and absorb their pain.

She will never be dragged down by another.

The sheer force of Her engulfs all, lovingly, in her path.

She never makes excuses for her children because she sees into their souls.

She sees that they so much more than they think they are.

She forgives mightily and loves mightily.

She demands ultimate respect.

Her children are never abandoned.

And yet, she will honor if they are not ready.

She always holds the waves lovingly open for their return.

The waters lap gently at their feet until they hear her call.

Her force remains ever steady.  She knows it is merely a matter of time before ALL dissolve into her loving embrace.


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