Sorrow Lights the Path

Sorrow cries out for what was lost.

My soul yearns to be free.

The price seems too high suddenly.

Cut me in half, take a piece of me.

Each stab like a burning stain.

Will I ever be free, I ask of thee?


Freedom is only for the free, they say.

Each moment stands just on it own.

Who owns you? I ask, if I may.

Landscapes are broad if we’re willing to see.

Blindness can be easier if in place we stay.

But who will save my broken identity?


Shh, my love, there’s nothing to see here.

Put the lid back over this box.

Slide back the curtain that contains the fear.

Illuminate yourself, don’t seek redress.

It’s all in the past, you see, nowhere near.

Edge out from underneath, invite the air.


Understanding comes in time, clears the wrath.

The light comes into your heart from above.

Inching past the golden throne, feel for the path.

“Never alone,” we cried once, can you see it now?

Feel the dancing in your heart, embrace the laugh.

You are the piercing Light of old, oh Warrior Soul.







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