To Love is To Give

Wisps of love are felt around,

But they don’t stay in surround

The tulips are the only smell

I feel that I can tell.


Telling never got you anywhere.

What’s left anyway to share…

Have they taken it all away?

Something of the first must stay.


Staying is only for the lonely.

You said you were my one and only.

Lies must be told in deceit.

Truths are only learned in defeat.


Defeating oneself can lead to pain.

Pains must be taken to explain

The paths that wind around this tale.

It’s not so simple as to just fail.


Failing cracks open something new.

Did you think you’d be just one of a few?

Arrogance never lit the way…

Much has been learned in the fray.


Fraying edges of the mind

Is just Her way of leading the blind.

Uncover for yourself what is means to live.

As told, nothing left but to give.







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