Witness the Beast

Pain circles the drain,

My womanhood taken

At such a young age

Used for nothing sacred.


With no face to blame

The pain seems intent

on remaining unseen

Felt only through a dream.


The stories I will tell

When I am old will

be night as Black,

Please shove them back.


Behind the wall I must

Stay until the fear

Releases my Heart, and

My Body takes flight.


My shoulders carry the

Load of what should

have been another’s scar.

Traveled much too far


Into the night where I was

left, alone to kneel

Invisible to all, even

myself I could not hear.


All taken away, shame in

Its place.  Sad, but I didn’t

need it anyway.

Or did I? they will ask


Upon the reckoning day

When all in its place

Seen and forgotten merge

upon the funeral dirge.


I didn’t mean to get so dark.

Then again, why else

would I be here.  If light

Flows then what of fear?


It’s merely a spot in the

Heat of the Sun, so real, yes

But not solid, in a way.

Allow the rising to take hold


Of my Soul as I release

What’s never been mine,

Not really. Witness the beast

Say its final resting peace.


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