I have a deep love for the Mother Goddess, the beautiful divine feminine that lies within the DNA of humanity.  It’s not always easy to find her.  So I’ve decided to write her alive again, when the inspiration from Her hits.  Our greatest devotion to Her is in honoring the deepest parts of ourselves.

She found me at the beginning of the new year in January of 2014.  What happened changed my life forever…

In the middle of meditation in my living room, I felt myself let go and surrender.  A intense presence of love surrounded me, and I saw a beam of light come from the sky and enter my body, through my mouth, into my throat and down into the base of my spine.  In my vision, I was lifted up into this light.  The light swirled up through my body creating intense waves of emotion.  My arms and legs vibrated intensely as tears began rolling down my cheeks.  Both terrified and awed, air began entering my mouth from somewhere unseen, and my body was no longer within my control.  Then a message came to me: “Become the light you seek within.  Touch all you come in contact with.”

And so began my spiritual journey in earnest…

Nothing in my life experience prepared me for what I had experienced.  It transcended religion, and I knew instinctively that humanity was One…one living and breathing soul.

That day opened up my consciousness to how much there is in the Universe to know and learn.  I continue to be amazed each day by how vast the infinite, unknown, mysterious nature of the Universe and the Goddess.  I write to understand, to experience, to channel, and to honor Her.



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