Witness the Beast

Pain circles the drain,

My womanhood taken

At such a young age

Used for nothing sacred.


With no face to blame

The pain seems intent

on remaining unseen

Felt only through a dream.


The stories I will tell

When I am old will

be night as Black,

Please shove them back.


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To Love is To Give

Wisps of love are felt around,

But they don’t stay in surround

The tulips are the only smell

I feel that I can tell.


Telling never got you anywhere.

What’s left anyway to share…

Have they taken it all away?

Something of the first must stay.


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Light to Humanity

Dear Mother,

You hold me tight in your arms, wrapped in the warmth of your light.  I am like a newborn opening with first sight.  There is nothing so special or unendingly safe as the love in your touch or the light in your face.  Please take me and keep me in your ultimate sphere, I promise never again to the dark I do veer.   I see now all of the plans you have laid, my smallness and largeness so intricately played.  You told me always you would keep me safe, I didn’t quite believe til’ I had blood on my face.  As I fall into life with you permeating my skin, I realize now there’s never been any sin.



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