In your arms

Devotion flows from me in all directions.

From the Goddess through me.

To the Goddess from me, around me.

I am humbled by your sheer power.

Neverending, infinite, ever alive.

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Light to Humanity

Dear Mother,

You hold me tight in your arms, wrapped in the warmth of your light.  I am like a newborn opening with first sight.  There is nothing so special or unendingly safe as the love in your touch or the light in your face.  Please take me and keep me in your ultimate sphere, I promise never again to the dark I do veer.   I see now all of the plans you have laid, my smallness and largeness so intricately played.  You told me always you would keep me safe, I didn’t quite believe til’ I had blood on my face.  As I fall into life with you permeating my skin, I realize now there’s never been any sin.



Letter from the Lost

Dear World,

All I wish is to be understood… be seen.  I have gone many eras and many lifetimes of pain, suffering, and censorship.  I have never been me.  I have been my pain.  That is all you’ve seen of me.

I’m not sure who I am anymore after all of this.  If I can even find my way out of this cocoon I’ve created for myself….what world will I find?  Will my eyes adjust?  Will I be welcomed?  Or shamed once more back into hiding?

The pain is on my back….the pain is on my knees….the pain is on my belly.  I do not even need to dig any more to go looking for it.  It’s all here out in the open for you to see.

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